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 GUERRA 2009: Operation Zero Hour

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Age : 35

PostSubject: GUERRA 2009: Operation Zero Hour   Thu Jul 16, 2009 11:32 am

What: MilSim-CQB Competition, 10-man team (no reserve)
Where: Jade Shopping Mall, Clark Free Port, Pampanga
Date: August 22, 2009 (Saturday)
Time: 0800-1700HR
Registration: P300.00 (pre-registration), P450.00 (on-site)
Registration Details: Account Number 271-114121-4, China Bank - Angeles City, Fax deposit slip to [045]888-1570 c/o Sir Roy
Others: 450fps max using Chrony F1 @ 0.2g, 600rnds limited ammo for the entire mission, taclight/NVG/laser advisable
Area Coverage: 2 separate (building) complex, transport, and a total of 6 floors of dark corridors, rooms, and opfors!
For game details: Contact Sir Team6 @ [0919]781-9302

Operation : RED DAWN

In the fall of 2008 Osean invaded Belka, a disputed territory between Yuktobanian and Osean. Yuktobanian was outraged with the invasion on the land they call their own and launched a full-scale Operation: RED DAWN to oust the invaders from Belka which ended in an uneasy ceasefire and eventually divided the territory.

During the peace time that followed, a rogue group wanted the war to continue, planned to disrupt the on-going peace talks between the two warring countries, and demanded the total independence of the region from the two nations.

In a desperate move to increase the tension in the area, they kidnapped the UN ambassador during one of the peace meetings, killed all the other participants, and armed a tactical nuclear bomb.

Operation : ZERO HOUR

The UN organized a special task force to conduct a surgically precise military operation to rescue the kidnapped ambassador and confirm the existence of a bomb.

What the raiding team did not know is that, the bomb was already armed and counting down in a dark, dangerous, and multi-level complex unknown to them.

And the war continues…

BRAVO KNIGHTS - Battle ready we must stand!
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Team Officer/Staff
Team Officer/Staff

Age : 49

PostSubject: Re: GUERRA 2009: Operation Zero Hour   Fri Jul 17, 2009 11:34 pm

Delta Boys, sali tayo dito.
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Team Member
Team Member

Age : 34

PostSubject: Re: GUERRA 2009: Operation Zero Hour   Sat Jul 18, 2009 9:21 pm

sali ako dyan sir
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Team Member
Team Member

Age : 38

PostSubject: Re: GUERRA 2009: Operation Zero Hour   Mon Jul 20, 2009 1:53 pm

hmmmmmmmmmm? pagnakumpleto sige sasali ako.
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Age : 35

PostSubject: Re: GUERRA 2009: Operation Zero Hour   Fri Jul 24, 2009 1:41 pm

Location: Clark Field, Pampanga
Date: August 22, 2009, Saturday
Assembly Time: 0700HR
Start Time: 0800HR
End Time: 1800HR


No. of Teams: maximum 15 teams only (on-site registration acceptance will be limited)
Run Time: 30 minutes (non-stop) continuous time

Scope & Limitations:

- limited to 600-rounds per element for the entire mission completion (2 missions) - unlimited number (and type) of magazines to fill
- no box mags, no motorized mags, and we encourage to use realistic mag length/design for your choice of airsoft gun
- no improvised magazine is allowed, no batteries located outside
- AEGs, GBBs, and BASRs (for sniper role) ALL @ strictly max 450fps using Chrony F1 at 0.2g
- handguns (electric and gas) and machine pistols are also allowed at the specified maximum power allowed (450fps)
- team communication devices are allowed - frequency to use shall be reported/logged to the committe
- tac-lights, laser designator, illuminated guidesights, and NVGs are highly encourage
- airsoft simulation smoke grenade (for strict screening of actual effects) are allowed - no flashbangs allowed
- we will not allow anyone to survey the area during the event

Game Procedures:

- once hit anywhere (even on boots or gears), we encourage participants to acknowledge immidietely
- once spotted by shadowing marshals, and called hit, automatic 5 seconds addition to team final run time per offense
- no unnecessary shouting except for commanders - no badmouthing/trashtalking during the run
- watch out for warning/safety signs and arrows within the 2 complex - we are not going to destroy the whole complex
- stealthy approach is encourage, unnecessary running is discourage, uncoordinated assualt is strictly prohibited
- we will also judge the realistic and coordinated assualt tactics of each team - unnecessary/unrealistic approach is prohibited

Mission 1 Scenario:

A CIA undercover operative is in the loose somewhere in the 1st complex - being hunted down by opfors - this intel ops has crucial intelligence information to provide to the assualting team to accomplish the next and final mission. If this intel ops is captured or killed (either by enemy or friendly forces), vital information to successfully conduct the main mission would become very difficult.

Mission 1 Objective:

a. extract the intel officer to the extraction point
- the assualting team may only proceed to the next mission if the intel is either rescued or dead,
- when the team failed to reascue the intel officer alive, they will be directed to the next mission jump-point without briefing - in this case, the team will operate without the vital intelligence gathered by the intel officer
b. conduct mission briefing
- mission briefing (to be conducted by the intel officer) is included in the running time
c. transport the team to the main mission jump-point
- transport elapse time is included in the running time

Mission 2 Scenario:

When the intel officer escaped from the bloody killing and the Ambassador was snatched, the enemy forces held the same area and took the Ambassador as hostage. There were no clear indication of any armed bomb - the intel has information on the details. However, it is also not sure whether the Ambassador
is being held as hostage within the 2nd complex or transported safely to other hide-outs.

As communicated through previous transmissions recieved by Command Center, the Amabassador was able to hear of a code that could be the disarming codes for the alleged bomb - the code was also not confirmed to be written (and hidden within the area of inccident) or just memorized by the ambassador himself.

Mission 2 Objective:

a. search and rescue the Ambassador and get the code
- search and clear all rooms/areas to look for the ambassador/code
- provide safety measures to safeguard the Ambassador
b. search for the location of the alleged Tactical Nucler Bomb
c. disarm it using the code - if found armed
d. facilitate extraction of the Ambassador safely to the extraction point within the alloted time

If you have some more concerns/enquiries, please feel free to pm SFi Team6 or contact him @ [0919]781-9302.

BRAVO KNIGHTS - Battle ready we must stand!
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PostSubject: Re: GUERRA 2009: Operation Zero Hour   

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GUERRA 2009: Operation Zero Hour
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