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 Team Wayi presents "CLOSE ENCOUNTER 2"

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Team Wayi presents "CLOSE ENCOUNTER 2" Empty
PostSubject: Team Wayi presents "CLOSE ENCOUNTER 2"   Team Wayi presents "CLOSE ENCOUNTER 2" Icon_minitimeSat Oct 03, 2009 7:49 am

Team Wayi presents "CLOSE ENCOUNTER 2" Closee12

-5 minutes/game
-8-man team
-Only 30 Team Slots Available
-Scoring - Point System
-Elims/Semis/Champioship Round
-Obstacles – Plywoods, Drums and Sand Bags
-Other details will be emailed to the teams who made payments only

Champion - P25,000
1st Runner Up –P10,000
2nd Runner up – P5,000
Plus other surprises from our sponsors



1. Registration Fee PhP400.00/pax
-Inclusive of 2-meals

Pre-registration is required to secure a slot.
For payment details, contact Roy Allan Molina – 09178265619; John Rivera - 09209176224

2. No vest, No face mask or goggle, NO play.
3. AEG maximum speed allowed is 450 fps @.20g bbs.
4. Grenade launcher/M203 is not allowed.
5. Radio Communication device is not allowed.
6. Unlimited magazine for the primary weapon and one (1) for the secondary weapon (sidearm).
-Box mag is allowed but not battery operated.
7. Secondary weapon is limited only to pistols and must be secured on a drop leg holster/vest attached.
8. Dead man's weapon/aeg & mags can be used by other players
9. Shorts or pants are allowed.


1. No blind fires (sungkit). It shall be a blind fire whenever the primary weapon is held off the shoulder and blind fire for secondary weapon when pistols are held above the head.
2. No firing on tapping distance. Knife kills are the only way to kill an opponent on tapping distance. On a draw situation, both shall be dead or hit.
3. No grappling or holding on enemy’s weapon.
4. A hit is called on players taking cover from the site marshals and hit players whether intentional or unintentional.
5. No HIT calling and trash talking.
6. Friendly Fire is considered a HIT.
7. Gun HIT is not considered a HIT.


1. These are rules on conduct of players while inside the game site:

a. Respect to the other players (opponent) at all times including verbal or side comments.
b. Respect the marshals/umpires. Do not argue with them especially with their decision.
c. Participants under the influence of liquor or found to be intoxicated will not be allowed to play & be DQ’d immediately.
d. Game officials will decide on matters not specifically mentioned on these rules.
e. We will allow complains, but it must be filed formally by the designated team leader & assistant team leader only. We will have an Arbitration Committee on the site. Should there be any complain, complainant must pay an arbitration fee of PhP1,000.00 and they will fill up a complain form. This must be filed within one (1) hour after the incident has occurred. The committee will review the video taken from our cameras covering the event.

There will be cameras installed in the game area to record the event.
Arbitration fee of PhP1,000.00 will be returned if the committee so decides in favor of the complainants.

2. Strategies and techniques:

a. Each team shall be composed eight ( 8 ) members with a designated team leader and assistant team leader.
b. The team shall be disqualified(DQ) if any of its members will not follow required AEG FPS Limit set by the tournament organizers, fire at, argue, disrespect and threatened the site marshals.
c. Other behaviors shall be under the discretion of the game officials.

These rules are strictly enforced for the safety of all players and guests. And your cooperation is highly appreciated.

The organizers reserves the right to refuse entry, ban or evict any player/s or team/s found to have acted unbecoming of an airsoft player.

BRAVO KNIGHTS - Battle ready we must stand!
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Team Officer/Staff
Team Officer/Staff

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Team Wayi presents "CLOSE ENCOUNTER 2" Empty
PostSubject: Re: Team Wayi presents "CLOSE ENCOUNTER 2"   Team Wayi presents "CLOSE ENCOUNTER 2" Icon_minitimeSat Oct 03, 2009 11:50 am

Percy, Dante and yours truly will participate in this event. Please inform us if you wish to join. Thank you.
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Team Member
Team Member

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Team Wayi presents "CLOSE ENCOUNTER 2" Empty
PostSubject: Re: Team Wayi presents "CLOSE ENCOUNTER 2"   Team Wayi presents "CLOSE ENCOUNTER 2" Icon_minitimeFri Nov 13, 2009 12:41 pm

nasdigrasya lang dapat pasok tayo sa quarterfinals
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Team Wayi presents "CLOSE ENCOUNTER 2" Empty
PostSubject: Re: Team Wayi presents "CLOSE ENCOUNTER 2"   Team Wayi presents "CLOSE ENCOUNTER 2" Icon_minitime

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Team Wayi presents "CLOSE ENCOUNTER 2"
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