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 Team's Standard & General Rules

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Team Black Hawk's Standard & General Rules

Airsoft is meant to be a fun game. Rules are designed not to restrict but protect the safety of its participants and ensure each player has a good time. In developing these rules, we tried to cover realism, game play and safety.

The following rules are for the safety of the players. Those who are unable to follow these rules will be considered unsafe players and will not be welcome at future games and events.


1. Always wear eye protection in the form of goggles, masks, or shooting glasses, or safety glasses. Never remove your eye protection while on the battlefield. No mask or eye protection, no play.

2. No shorts allowed. All players should be in some sort of military dress wear appropriate to the game's required uniform load out.

3. We also recommend full masks, long sleeves, long pants, gloves, and hats/helmets be worn to any games or scenarios to avoid welts or breaking the skin.


1. No players allowed under the influence of drugs or alcohol. That means no drugs or alcoholic beverages in the vicinity of the playing field.

2. No real firearms. Gas & CO2 powered / operated & Springer sniper rifles are not allowed. Fixed-blade knives are NOT allowed at games. Folding utility knives and pocketknives are allowed as an essential part of survival kit, but they may not be used in game-play.

3. Guns will be chronoed before being allowed to play. Non-chronoed guns will not be allowed in the field.

Below will be the FPS limit on all BLACK HAWK’s gamesite & hosted games:

CQB - maximum of 450fps on 0.2g BB
Open Field / Jungle - maximum of 550fps on 0.2g BB

4. NO METAL BB's can be used in sniper rifles or AEG's. Anyone caught playing with metal BB's will be BANNED from all games.


1. Honor and sportsmanship are expected at all times. Cheating is grounds for immediate ejection from the game and ban from the field. Airsoft is a game of HONOR.

2. Any hit to any part of your body or tactical gear, including items worn around the waist or vest, constitutes a hit. Gun hit is not considered. Ricochets do not count. If in doubt as to whether or not a hit was a ricochet or direct hit, take the most honorable route and assume the hit. Friendly fire (hits from teammates) DOES count. There is no such thing as "friendly" fire!

3. If you are hit, yell 'HIT! HIT! HIT!' and raise your gun until it is safe to exit the firefight. No false calls. Stop shooting to let dead players exit the field.

4. When you are hit, leave the field immediately! Dead players do not loiter, observe the game, or speak to live players at any time. After you are hit, go to the designated safety zone quickly and quietly.

5. When you are too close in range to be comfortable taking a shot, you can call out "SAFETY KILL" on the player in your sights. Do not call it unless the kill is already a given. Always honor safety kills when they are called on you just like honoring a "HIT". Safety kills can only be called on one individual at a time, not on entire groups. "SAFETY KILL" must be said loudly, as to simulate actually firing. Silence can only be maintained if you can tag the other player out. You must be able to point your replica and call "SAFETY KILL" on every person if there is more than one.

6. Call 'SURRENDER!' if you get within 3 meters of another player. Try not to let this happen! This is for unexpected contact only. You may only "surrender" an enemy that you have caught completely by surprise. If both players yell, 'SURRENDER!’ then the first one to call it is still in the game.

7. No physical contact with any players at any time. Contact the staff with any issues that arise on the field. Do not confront other players!

8. Observe proper decorum / proper firearms etiquette at all times. Keep your barrel pointed up or down- never muzzle sweeps anyone. Treat the gun as if it was loaded at all times. Keep your safety on until ready to shoot.

9. Everyone must observe these Standard and Safety Rules.

10. And most important of all... HAVE FUN & ENJOY THE GAME!!!!


1. Remove all of your gear and trash from the field; do not leave your trash at the gamesite.

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Team's Standard & General Rules
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