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 Airsoft Game Type Variations

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Airsoft Game Type Variations

In airsoft, there are many different variations on method of play. Fundamentally, airsoft is a game played within a reasonably large predetermined area where the objective is to hit the adversary. It is generally accepted that when a player is hit, they will declare it, usually by raising their gun in the air, and shouting something similar to, "Hit!" or, "Out!" They will then leave the area and go to a set "regeneration point" or sit/lie down, "dead in place", depending on the specific rules of the match. Depending on the rules, players may remain "dead" until another player tags them. Since airsoft pellets are not intended to leave any visible marks on clothing, determining hits is usually based on an honor system.

Major Game Variations

Capture the Flag
Two teams play against each other and try to take the other team's flag back to their on base (or flag). The flag has to be carried so that it is clearly visible. This game can be played in two variants: "Live Flag" or "Dead Flag". In Live Flag the flag is dropped if the Flag carrier is shot, and another player can pick the flag up. In "Dead Flag" the Flag carrier has to return the Flag to the enemy's base upon elimination before the Flag can be taken again.

Last Man Standing/Elimination
All against all in a game often with limited time and area.

King of the Hill
A portion of the players barricade themselves on a hill or relatively open area and the rest of the players are the attackers. On the top of the hill is a flag, and the team that is closest to the flag when the time is out, wins.

One team has to escort an unarmed (or in some cases, a very lightly armed)person to a certain location or objective point to win. There is another team who tries to kill the escort or the whole team. Usually the attacking team hides while the escort team travels along a normal path.

Speed, or CQB (Close Quarter Battle)
Indoor versions of many games. Often played in a big house or in many houses. They also can be in a small wooded area. Handguns and low-end electrics are normally used.

MilSim (Military Simulation) generally combines air soft play with some military live action role-playing elements. Several goals or missions are assigned to each team as a foundation for confrontation in firefights and other quarters, maintaining perimeter security and the like are added to the experience.
Another aspect of Mil Sim-style air soft gaming that ties into the live action element is the global desire for players to look and feel the part they are playing. Hence, Mil Sim-style games may have uniform or clothing requirements specific to the scenario.

Other Examples of Game Variations

There are many possible variations in airsoft games, some more specific than others. While there are likely to be many specialized or preferred game variations within each community of airsoft players, several of the more common ones are listed below.

In this game there are two bases, and an object to represent a satchel charge. The charge is placed in the middle of the field between the two bases. One team begins in each base. The goal is to take the charge to the enemy's base. When the charge reaches the enemy's base and remains untouched by the enemy for 2 minutes (depending on rules), the enemy loses. If the charge carrier is eliminated anyone can pick up the charge.

Hostage Rescue
There are two teams: the Guards and another team divided into the Hostages and the Rescuers. The hostages are typically placed in different locations. The rescue team can carry extra weaponry to the hostages. The hostages can attempt to flee but are then subject to elimination.

There are two teams, and each team has an Officer. The goal is to eliminate the other team's Officer without getting your own killed. Another variant is that the Officers can't move.

A Capture the Flag variation. The judges discreetly choose one player from each team that is given both teams' team-markers. The adjudicators inform the teams that each team has a traitor. The game is played as Capture the Flag, but after the game has lasted for 5 minutes the traitors may change team anytime they choose.

A voluntary player is the prey and the rest of the players are the hunters. The prey wins if he can reach a specified place within the time frame. The hunter that shoots the prey wins. The hunters may not shoot each other.

Prison Break
A small team of players (the prisoners) shall travel through an area that is guarded by the majority of players. The prisoners may not have any big weapons or support weapons. The guards can have whatever they choose. Each prisoner that reaches the goal is considered a winner.

Commando Raid
A small group is the commandos. The rest of the players are divided to guard the objectives. Each objective should be guarded by the same amount of guards as the commandos are. The commandos are taken to a small zone outside the game area. This is their Insertion and Extraction Point. When the commandos have finished with the mission, at least 1/3 has to return to this zone or they cannot win. The commandos are informed that they have to reach a point in the game area, the "Drop zone", where they will find information about what target they should attack and find the Flag. When they have taken the Flag from the objective they should leave the "Flag" at the "Drop Zone" and then return to the Extraction Point. There should be a time limit. The guards can barricade themselves and send out patrols, but not leave the objectives unprotected.

1/4 of the players are the paratroopers and are blindfolded and taken out to their "Drop Zone". At the drop zone they are given a simple map over the area. The other players are split to defend 3 objects in the area. The goal for the paratroopers is to "take out" an objective by stealing its Flag and return with the Flag to the "Pickup Zone". When the judge at the "Pickup Zone" has the Flag the paratroopers have won. The map should have faults and one of the objectives should be marked at the wrong place, or an extra flag could be marked.

Killing House
A player or a small team shall clear a house that has been rigged by the organizers in the shortest time possible. Each room must be clear of targets but no friendly targets can be hit.

A rectangular area about 50x125 m is divided into 10 sectors, 2x5. The two teams should start on the opposite short sides of the field. The team that controls the most sectors when the game ends, wins. It takes at least 2 men and no enemies in a sector to control it. The 'flesh wound rule' is used.

Drag the Doll
A doll (stuffed and man-size) is in the middle of a square arena. The arena is open and flat, but with a lot of debris for cover. Each side is the start for a team of 3-6 players. The goal is to grab the doll and drag it to your side. This game is supposed to be intense and fast. It is, essentially, an arena version of CTF.

Mogadishu pilots
A small group of players 2-6 must remain in one small area and defend their lives and each others, against all the remaining players. Defending team should be better equipped. Attacking opponents should have superior numbers.

Back to Basic
A game where only spring pistols are allowed. Ammo can be limited.
In addition to variations in gameplay, players may also choose to decide upon other factors, such as what real-world or imaginary force each team/player is intended to represent, which can affect chosen weaponry or gear.

Knock Out

This game played almost identical to basketball knock out. One player goes out and hides, then another player goes out to find him. The object is to shoot your enemy. If you get shot you get eliminated. The other player hides and another airsofter searches for him and so on and so forth. Winner is the last one standing.
To really succeed in this game wear Military camouflage and hide. The searcher uses a sniper. Then the minute you see the airsofter shoot him or her.
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Airsoft Game Type Variations
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